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Teaching Experience

April 2022 - March 2025 (projected).

University of Hannover

  • Summer Semester 22: Teaching assistant for second semester analysis and teaching assistant for elementary geometry for special education teachers.

  • Winter Semester 22/23: Making, presenting and correcting exercises for Riemannian geometry. Presenting calculus exercies to engineering students.

  • Summer Semester 23: Making and presenting geometry exercises for teacher students.

October 2019-March 2022

University of Oldenburg

  • Winter Semester 19-20: Teaching assistant for elementary PDEs.

  • Summer Semester 20: Co-organizing a student seminar in analysis.

  • Winter Semester 20-21: Teaching assistant for first semester analysis.

  • Summer Semester 21: Lecturing and solving the exercises for Complex Geometry. Supervising Bachelor thesis. Teaching assistant for second semester analysis.

  • Winter Semester 2022: Teaching assistant for measure and integration theory.

Teaching Experience: Experience
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